Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Apple is one up over the rumour mongers, speculators and the press in naming the new iPad. It's not iPad 3, nor is it iPad 2S, nor even iPad HD.

The last seemingly had the highest possibility. But no, Apple and Cook cooked up a rather understated "New". So, the new iPad is going to be called just the New iPad. As for our expectations, some of them were met, some not:

It's new New iPad(not iPad3),

Yes, it is Retina Display of the highest order. Apparently the resolution surpasses even the full HD TV display. Officially, according to Apple, the resolution is 3.1 million pixels. the colour saturation is 44 percent higher and richer, deeper and more vivid. Movies can play at full 1080p HD-resolution.

It's not the A6 chip as anticipated or hoped for. It is A5X. And it is quad core, no less.

Ermmmm, not 8 MP, but 5 MP on the rear is still a good deal though. Together with this, the New iPad is bundled with a new gallery app to handle the greater resolution. And, yes, Apple is calling this camera the iSight. There is what is called backside illumination for shooting in low-light. For taking videos, there is video image stabilization, like you're using a hand-held device. Now you can edit images taken, enhance and shared them with the new Photos app.

No Siri, enough said.

Yes, 4G LTE, as well all the rest of the connectivity around the world, including HSPA+,DC-HSDPA, CDMA and GSM.

Still the same old 10 hours battery

Yes, the prices have not gone up. And the good news for people who still want to get the iPad 2 instead, Apple in Malaysia has lopped off RM300 off it!

Still more features we didn't expect:
The iOS is now iOS 5.1, with the redesigned Camera app with video stabilization technology; the ability to delete photos from Photo Stream; support for dictation in English, French, German and Japanese; and Personal Hotspot. And of course this OS works with iCloud.

With the New iPad comes new apps:iPhoto with Multi-Touch features, major updates to iMovie and GarageBand with Jam Session; updated iLife, iWork, Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

As the conclusion, THE NEW iPAD is just like other iPad with some improvement.. =(

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